Aero Mouthguard

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Add Sisu Mouthguard Case – Protect your mouth guard with the lightweight and durable SISU Case. Made with a built in ventilation system, the SISU Case inhibits growth of bacteria during storage. SAVE 14%

This rejuvenating cinnamon and mint flavored spray is applied directly to the mouthguard before use, leaving a taste as sweet as victory itself SAVE 14%


Research suggests the taller you are, the larger your dental arch. And thus, a bigger mouthguard is required as height increases. Our new and improved sizing system uses the findings of extensive research and testing to suggest the proper guard for you based on how you measure up. Check out our Size Chart to find your perfect fit.

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1.6 mm thin
Custom comfort fit
Wider bite pad
Rounded edges
Works with braces
Reduces germ exposure
FDA cleared
BPA, latex, PVC, phthalate free


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