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Prestige Wicket Keeping Pads

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A new addition to the collection, the Prestige Wicketkeeping pad sits within the Classics collection, promising a classy aesthetic and premium performance.

The HD foam and cane rod combination makes for fantastic protective coverage while keeping the pad as lightweight as possible.

On the knee we have used EVA foam with poly armour which will withstand even the quickest bowlers if you get him – and allow you to move quickly to the ball.

Elsewhere, vapour foam has been used as a shin bolster for extra protection, and in the instep along with a traditional fill to guard against knocks to the ankle area.

A high, 2-inch arch allows for a comfortable fit around your shoe, meaning no annoying re-adjusting every other delivery.


HD Foam and cane rod combination
EVA Foam knee with Poly Armour.
Vapour foam shin bolster
Vapour foam and traditional fill on instep with PU cover.
High arch design and padded 2 inch straps

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