T-Line Test Titanium Cricket Helmet

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New for 2020 The Masuri T-Line Titanium Cricket Helmet is one of the lightest cricket helmets on the market featuring quality cloth cover available in Black, Green, Maroon and Navy. It has a single shell construction with a soft cell foam front back back padding that also contours to each players head shape meaning there is no need for a bulky adjuster. In addition it has an ultra lightweight titanium grille which means this is the helmet of choice for many professional cricketers across the world. It is compliant to the British Standard BS7928:2013 for both senior and junior cricket.



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Customise your new helmet with your club/school/university crest. In order to complete this we will need the clubs crest in a jpeg form, which will need to be emailed uploaded below. Please note this process can take 3-4 weeks. For more information please contact or call 01638 741611

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T-Line Test Titanium Cricket Helmet is a new generation helmet with the latest technology. Its design is unique and attractive. The helmet has a full face mask making it more comfortable for players.

The T-Line Test Titanium Cricket Helmet protects your head from injury maximally. Therefore, it offers every player comfort while playing as well as a stylish look.

The helmet is available in different sizes for small men (550-580mm), standard (580-610mm), large (610-640mm) and XL.

Apart from that, the T-Line Test Cricket Helmet is lightweight. It is a single-shell helmet designed to provide protection from the front, back, and sides. It also meets the current safety standards, such as the British Standard BS7928 and Australian Standard AS/NZS 2212:2008.

This unique single-shell construction has no gaps between the front and rear of the shell. Therefore, making it less likely to get damaged during use.

The T-Line Test Cricket Helmet comes with an adjustable chin strap, easily adjusted using its quick-release clips. This ensures your helmet fits securely around your head so it cannot be knocked off during play or when you’re batting or bowling.

Another important feature is its quality cloth cover. The T-Line Test Titanium Cricket Helmet features various colours, such as black, green, maroon, and navy. This offers every player an opportunity to portray a stylish and professional look.

Lastly, the T-Line Test Titanium Cricket Helmet comes with soft cell foam padding. This helps to eliminate the need for a bulky adjuster, thus saving you time!

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