Centurion 100 Year Celebration Pro Cricket Bat

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To celebrate 100 Years of Newbery, we introduce the Centurion Bat.

It all started in 1919 with Len Newbery who passed his skills, knowledge, tradition and techniques to his son John. From the first bat made by a Newbery, to the cricket bats we produce today, we ensure the philosophy and values set by Len and John Newbery are in every bat we produce.

The Centurion bat is beautifully laser printed, to capture the heritage and traditions used a century ago. This bat has our modern style used today but hold the unique one hundred year insignia. This is a bat to cherish, be admired but also to be feared by any bowler.

Handcrafted from our finest pro-grade English willow, the Centurion Pro bat is the pinnacle of Newbery craftsmanship.

Professionally pressed with a generous sweet spot and superb bat speed, it’s the chance to finally get the bat you see on TV. This is our Limited Edition Pro bat ensuring you get the best bat and become the envy of the dressing room.

There are only 100 of these bats that will be made and sold. Each bat will be numbered and hand stamped 1-100.

Buy a piece of history

Now is your chance to get the bat you saw on TV!
Hand crafted from our Pro grade English willow – that’s the top 1% of clefts
Handcrafted in England by our master-bat makers
Light pick up/power ratio. Weight is transferred from shoulder to middle
Newbery’s duck bill toe for additional power
Unique Newbery 100 year logo with anniversary dates
Available to build from scratch on our Bat Builder.

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