Save 14%
Osaka Hockey

Pro Tour Limited Proto Bow Hockey Stick

RRP: £290.00 £249.98
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Osaka Hockey

Pro Tour 10 Standard Bow Hockey Stick

RRP: £90.00 £79.98
Save 50%
Osaka Hockey

1 Series Pollock Junior Hockey Stick Yellow

RRP: £50.00 £24.98

View our huge range of Osaka Hockey sticks available at MR Cricket Hockey.

Osaka are relatively new to the hockey market but their modern, sleek designs have really taken off and proven very popular.

When selecting your new stick there are a few things to consider and firstly is the size or length.

We stock a range of sizes from 26″ sticks up to 37.5″ hockey sticks and please use our size guide to see what size you should potentially be using.

Once you have chosen the correct size, the next decision would be the carbon content.

All our Osaka sticks are made from composite material which will start with fibreglass and then have percentages of carbon.

The higher the percentage, usually means the greater the price, however, carbon will make the stick lighter and also help increase power.

You can view our full range of Osaka Hockey equipment by selecting the brand on our homepage.

If you require any assistance choosing your Osaka hockey stick then please contact us on 01638 741611 or email