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CK4040 Spiked Bowling Cricket Shoe 2020

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New Balance

CK10 Spiked Cricket Shoe 2020

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New Balance

CK4030 Spiked Cricket Shoe 2020

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When on the pitch, you will be under pressure. Those pre-game nerves, the crowd, and the desire to win are only some aspects that will come in to play and affect your performance. Luckily, there is something you can always count on: your abilities and your equipment. Without either of these, it is easy to be at the mercy of a stressful environment. 

Lucky, New Balance cricket shoes have always represented the highest standards in the industry, and they are purposely created with the needs of cricket players in mind. Whether you need a lightweight and agile batting shoe or more resistant and supportive bowling boots, you will be able to find the right New Balance model for your needs. 

New Balance Athletics might not be a new company, but they are certainly among the most innovative manufacturers out there. In 2020, they released a new range of cricket shoes designed to improve the performance of players even further. 

Boasting some of the best shock absorption capabilities and support, this exclusive New Balance range is endorsed across international cricket teams and worn by names such as Mark Wood, Liam Plunkett, and Dale Steyn. 

Alongside the vibrant design, these shoes also incorporate the unique Revlite midsole and spikes that set them apart from any other model. Here at MR Cricket Hockey, we have enlarged our range to bring to you the shoes you need to look stylish while being safe on the pitch.