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Thermoreg Long Sleeve Base Layer Top

RRP: £30.00 £24.98
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Thermoreg Ladies Long Sleeve Base Layer Top

RRP: £35.00 £29.98
Save 17%

Thermoreg Base Layer Legging

RRP: £30.00 £24.98
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Thermoreg Base Layer Shorts

RRP: £22.00 £19.98
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Intense Long Sleeve Base Layer Top

RRP: £27.00 £20.98
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Teknik Long Sleeve Base Layer Top White

RRP: £30.00 £18.98
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Hot Hands Hand Warmers Pack of 5

RRP: £5.00 £3.98

Search our range of cricket base layers brought to you from Canterbury. Our most popular item is the long sleeve white base layer for cricket, however, many customers also enjoy the long sleeve black base layer top, base layer shorts and leggings, particularly for coloured clothing.

Our base layers are constructed from the most modern an update fabrics including the new Thermoreg range from Canterbury. These base layers sit close to the skin keeping in the heat from your body temperature in cold conditions. In addition to regulating your body temperature they also provide support and protection to arms and elbows when diving on the floor to stops those runs when in the field.

We also offer the opportunity to personalise your base layer by having your name, squad number or initials on your garments. To do this simply click the relevant option on the product page.

For additional information or help choosing the right base layer for you, simply contact us on 01638 741611 or