Zings Flashing Cricket Bails including Batteries

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Backyard Zings flashing cricket bails are great fun for everyone! One pack includes two bails to fit one set of three cricket stumps. The light up bails fit both senior and junior cricket stumps and light up when being struck by the cricket ball. They are extremely durable and often outlast wooden cricket bails. They are great fun and really bring the game to life!


Experience the thrill of Zinging your friends at home… at school… in the backyard… at the beach, or even in the office!

For use with children 8 years and over under adult supervision. Designed for soft rubber and tennis balls.

Box includes two Zings that fit any set of stumps, and take 2x AAA batteries per Zing.

This product is obviously not the high-tech system used in TV cricket, but an economical version designed for fun in the backyard with your kids and mates.