Crazy Catch Wild Child Reaction Trainer

Crazy Catch

Crazy Catch Wild Child Reaction Trainer

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Crazy Catch Wild Child Classic Reaction Trainer

Size: 930mm (w) x 930mm(h)

Includes: Crazy Catch level 2 vision ball, Crazy Catch timer, Activity pack with scorecard, Throwing targets, Carry bag

The Crazy Catch Wildchild Classic is a great training aid so versatile that it can be used to improve a wide range of skills in nearly all sports. The Wildchild is our most popular, midrange model providing a large surface area in which to feed the ball onto whilst retaining its portable properties allowing coaches flexibility and the ability to alter a drill instantly by changing the angle or location of the Crazy Catch. The Wildchild can also be used for warm up games which develop communication and team work skills as well as at the higher levels as a tool to improve vision performance and agility

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