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Vector Spiked Cricket Shoe Yellow

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In the striking yellow colourway the Adidas Vector cricket shoe is a firm favourite with bowlers on the cricket market. Its slightly higher ankle support and bevelled heel means its a great boot for anyone wanting or needing additional support for heels, ankles and knees. It has a removable velcro strap that provides additional support and comfort when playing. All this combined with its suprisingly lightweight feel its a great option for all cricketers.


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Add additional metal and /or rubber spikes at greater than 10% off the price sold separately.


The boot is built and developed for the extreme forces involved in bowling. The revolutionary detachable strap helps with cushioning and stability to the performance and feel of the boot, whether you bowl spin, medium or fast pace this boot is made for you. “- Revolutionary new outsole; TPU material for decreased weight.
– EVA midsole with adiprene in the heel for additional cushioning.
– Bevelled heel for a better transition between the jumping and landing phase during the bowling motion.
– Removeable strap to provide the support when needed.
– Soft, light and comfortable upper material for improved comfort and reduced weight.
– Softer toe area for improved comfort when bowling. “

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