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TK 1 Plus Gold Xtreme Late Bow Hockey Stick

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Ever wondered what happens when you combine the highest levels of materials, technology and ‘enviable looks? The TK 1 Plus is the answer.
24K Carbon gives you maximum power output and ultra-lightweight. The IDS system will take care of any vibrations, whilst the NPR spread throughout the construction of the stick further enhances the stiffness and that silky-smooth feel.
All this is combined with our most aggressive Xtreme Late Bow shape for maximum playability. The only question to answer now is what’s stopping you?

TK 2021 Stick Tech Pack



24K quasi-isotropic triaxial carbon, Integrated Dampening System, Nano Polymer Reinforcement. The highest grade of materials and technologies are blended to produce a series of sticks that take performance to a level above anything else. This is what sticks should be at the very highest level.

Our most aggressive and extreme placement of the bow offers the perfect shape for the modern player looking to master 3D skills or nail those flicks. A thinner shaft profile and head shape offer maximum assistance in aggressive playability.
Bow Peak: 25mm
Bow Position: 200mm



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