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TK 1.3 Late Bow Hockey Stick Yellow

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New for 2021/2022 the stunning TK Hockey TK1.3 senior hockey stick in red. This stick contains 70% carbon with a low bow profile meaning its perfect for players looking to be attacking and player a powerful game. This shape assists players looking to perform 3d skills, whilst also maintaining the control side of their game.

Late Bow – A sweeping profile with a late placement of the bow offers high level assistance to dribbling, aerial passing skills and drag flicking. A thinner shaft profile and head shape further enhances fast dynamic game play.
Bow Peak: 24.5mm
Bow Position: 220mm

TK 2021 Stick Tech Pack



Our BRAND-NEW Collection for 2021 sees us take inspiration from the past but is very much designed with the present and future in mind. It shows off a new philosophy and a new way of thinking. Every member of the TK Team has given their input and this is combined with technical expertise to create something truly unique and fresh. This is the new standard. This is the new TK.
We’ve once again raised the technical bar and sees performance technologies and premium materials in all sticks right through the collection to offer fantastic value and performance, regardless of which TK you buy.

Our performance benchmark and at a level that only others can dream of. 12K Carbon, Nano Polymer Reinforcement, and an Integrated Dampening System. Class leading materials and construction combine to deliver elite level performance with a beautiful, silky-smooth feel.

Shape: Late Bow
Technology: 12K Japanese Carbon, IDS, NPR
Composition: 70% 12K Carbon, 20% Glassfibre, 10% Aramid
Colour: Black-Red

If you’re looking for enhanced feel over outright raw power then the TK 1.3 is for you.

12K Carbon offers you exceptional power output and ultra-lightweight. The IDS system will take care of any vibrations, whilst the NPR spread throughout the construction of the stick further enhances the stiffness and that silky-smooth feel.

All this is combined with our LATE BOW profile for those looking to be more aggressive in their game


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