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The new Kookaburra Conflict hockey stick is part of the Team range, providing the very best and latest technology across the range of hockey sticks. The Conflict is designed in a fantastic black, red and green colourway ensuring it looks as great as it plays. The stick is constructed with a massive 95% carbon and mid bow profile meaning the stock has great striking power and and superb ball control meaning you can pass and dribble with great accuracy as well as being a powerful stick.



Using the latest in stick technology, the Team Stick Range are the ultimate players sticks.

Profile: Taking things to the next stage, the M Bow 2 emphasises the M Bow 1 effect, by creating a more prominent bow further up the shaft. The result, unparalleled levels of playability and power. (Optimum Point 24.0mm @ 410mm)
Construction: Tri Core – Additional core to the internal structure gives stiffness and ultimate power output. Eliminates torsional movement and aids clean striking
95% Carbon
Innegra Reinforcment: Extremely durable and impact resistant. Lightest fibre commercially available in the world today.
High Tensile Carbon: Increase stiffness and produce unrivalled hitting power
SFR: Soft Feel Resin which penetrates into micro fibres to enhance exquisite feel and unparalleled durability
KCF: The textured playing surface generates a more secure contact area, resulting in superb feel, control and agility
Grip: X-Orb. The very latest in shock absorption material which has been bonded to handle of the stick. Designed to aid overall playability on high carbon models

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