Shockwave Pro Performance Cricket Bat 2019

Gray Nicolls

Shockwave Pro Performance Cricket Bat 2019

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Select our bat knocking in service for just an additional £20 and let us take the hassle away from getting your new bat ready to play. Our service, using our state of the art machine, fully knocks in your bat including the toe and edges, hitting the blade over 10,000 times. This process also includes complimentary oiling and clear face cover if required. Please note our knocking in service can take up to 72 hours to complete.


We wanted to make it our aim to take the traditional preconceptions of cricketer and smash them to smithereens. No more ripples of applause. No more cream cakes. Just loud, in your face action, and a cricket bat to match. Welcome to the Shockwave Pro Performance cricket bat.

Designed for the T20 era, the Shockwave is as eye-catching as it is aggressive. This high-quality cricket bat puts Gray-Nicolls front and centre of the T20 revolution, giving you the tools you need to hit the ball to the rope time after time.

It comes with design traits that will allow you to go big, early. The Shockwave has a high middle and pronounced swell, which will allow you to hit the ball at the top of its bounce, up and over the in-field, all the way to the fence. Featuring intimidating edges, it won’t matter if you slightly mistime the ball, this cricket bat has the power you need throughout.

The Shockwave Pro Performance bat features possibly our boldest sticker design to date. A fractured effect evokes a feeling of carnage, with the jagged lines drawing attention to the middle of the bat, further emphasising the size of the weapon in your hands. The cool blue colourway gives a distinctive finish and suggests the merciless manner in which you’ll treat the bowlers.

Gray-Nicolls’ product designers have used their long history in the game to craft this explosive cricket bat, with input from ambassadors such as Alex Hales and Joe Clarke. We wanted to create a bat that stood up to and surpassed the demands of modern cricket. We’ve achieved it.

All the Shockwave Pro Performance bats come from the highest quality English Willow grown and felled local to Robertsbridge, giving you the confidence that you are walking to the crease with the best cricket bat available.

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