Purist Geo II Cricket Helmet

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A superb entry level cricket helmet. The GM Purist Geo II complies meets the latest BS7928:2013 safety standard. Its extremely lightweight featuring the patented Geodesic design for its grille. The helmet also provides a wheel adjustment at the rear to help find the perfect fit. If you are looking for a cost effective helmet then this is the perfect one for all ages!


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The Purist Pro was the most demanded helmet in the market – now there’s the Purist Geo II

The Geo II Cricket Helmet offers protection and comfort to players of all ages and skill levels. It is easy to adjust, allowing you to find the perfect fit.

The Geo II also has an adjustable chin strap adjustable while wearing the helmet. This is important for younger players who may not be able to reach back far enough to tighten their chin straps.

The Performance 2.0 Steel Cricket Helmet has a rounded shape and large vents. This provides you with the ability to play your best game without having to worry about being distracted by your equipment.

The helmet comes with different sizes of padding, so you can choose the dimension that fits you best. The padded liner on this helmet makes it comfortable when worn for long periods, whether you’re playing for fun or practicing hard for a big game.

Another crucial note is this helmet is compliant with safety standards. The Purist Geo II Cricket Helmet is built with the latest safety standards, ensuring players are well-protected during the game. 

This also demonstrates the helmet’s commitment to providing a high level of safety and quality.

Finally, it has an improved peak power and an accurately fitted geo steel grille. These design elements work together to reduce the danger of the ball going through the gap between the peak and the grille. 

The improved peak power provides added strength and durability to the helmet, while the accurately fitted Geo steel grille ensures the ball cannot penetrate the gap.

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