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Pro 90 Pro Bow Hockey Stick

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The Naked Pro 90 is on the finest Pro-Bow sticks on the market. It has been precision engineered with 95% Japanese Toray Carbon and 5% Kevlar to give it superb stiffness and power but still with a great touch.



To some, perfection is achieved when there is nothing more to add. To others, perfection is achieved when there is nothing left to take away. We’re with the others. As our name suggests, we strip away the needless and superfluous leaving only what’s necessary to perform at our best. In a world of puff and bluff we are refreshingly straight and narrow. Without any distractions we can focus all our energy on what matters. Winning.

Tech Specs:
Bow Type: Pro
Bow Position: 250mm
Bow Height: 24.5mm
Weight: 510-530gm
Balance Point: 39cm
Head Thickness: 20mm
Silica Face
Carbon: 90% Toray®

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