Performance 2.0 Steel Cricket Helmet

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A fantastic cloth covered cricket helmet. Our best seller last year, this helmet offers great protection meeting the new ICC BS2013 standards. The helmet comes with a removable and washable sweatband. A great value cricket helmet for club cricketers.


Add the 2.0 Neck Guard to your order and save 25%. The neck guard offers additional protection to the back of neck.


The Performance 2.0 Steel Cricket Helmet is designed for the sport of cricket. The helmet is all about comfort and durability. It is made of steel, which provides a hard shell resistant to dents and cracks.

 The interior of the helmet is lined with mesh padding. This helps absorb sweat and makes it easy to clean off any dirt.

The Performance 2.0 Steel Cricket Helmet comes in different sizes, such as,

  • XL adult (62-65 cm)
  • Large adult (60-63 cm)
  • Adult (58-61 cm)
  • Youth (54-57cm)
  • Junior (52-54 cm)

Therefore, you can get one that fits perfectly!

This helmet protects against impacts from low-speed cricket balls. It’s also approved by the International Cricket Council (ICC). The helmet is designed with a lower profile than other helmets on the market, so you can enjoy playing without being weighed down by your gear.

The helmet has Shrey embossed side plates. The permanently attached Shrey embossed side plates add a stylish touch to the helmet’s design.

When it comes to weight, it’s light by nature. It weighs approximately 940 grams. This feature ensures the helmet does not add unnecessary weight to the player’s head. Therefore, it allows for ease of movement and reduces fatigue during gameplay. 

Ultimately, it has a removable and washable sweatband. This feature allows players to easily maintain and improve the hygiene of their helmets. If you’re able to remove and wash the sweatband, players prevent the buildup of sweat, dirt, and bacteria, that causes discomfort or skin irritation. This also prolongs the life of the helmet.

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