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Paceman 176XT Cricket Bowling Machine

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The Paceman 176TX is the latest in a long line of bowling machines produced by Dimension Sport. Its 12-ball automatic feeder can be easily adjusted to suit your pace, and you can buy additional feeder extension trays. Also, it’s quite versatile — you can use it to practice bowling outswing and inswing (see video)

The Paceman 176XT is fully portable as it connects directly to a 12V 18AH SLA battery (not included). It can also be operated from mains electricity  power with a mains power adaptor (now included). A battery, including a charger can be purchased as optional extras.


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The Paceman 176 offers quality, accurate, and reliable bowling simulation for the backyard cricketer and beyond.

– Easily adjusts for both full & short pitch bowling
– Variable bowling pace, top speed up to 100kph ASA
– Automatic ball feeder with adjustable feed timing included
– Simple to assemble, put away and store
– Able to produce inswing, outswing, and spin deliveries
– Compatible with Paceman Original, LTD & Jr balls
– Maintenance free TPE wheel
– 1 year domestic use warranty
– Fully portable, able to connect directly to battery (not inc)
– Domestic Use
– Mains pwr supply included