Masterclass Air 2.0 Titanium Helmet

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The Shrey Masterclass 2.0 Titanium Helmet includes a range of internal pads to increase comfort. This Shrey helmet features a lightweight titanium grill perfect for everyday use. Choose from a range of colours in this Masuri titanium helmet. It comes with a stemguard.


Customise your new helmet with your club/school/university crest. In order to complete this we will need the clubs crest in a jpeg form, which will need to be uploaded below. Please note this process can take 3-4 weeks. For more information please contact or call 01638 741611

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The Masterclass Air 2.0 Titanium Cricket Helmet is the latest addition to Masterclass’s collection of cricket helmets. This product is made from high-quality materials and features a stunning design making it stand out.

This helmet is designed for professionals. However, amateurs can also use it. The helmet offers an enhanced level of protection and comfort while playing.

The helmet is designed using titanium material, resulting in an extremely strong and durable product. This makes it lightweight in nature. 

The helmet is currently the lightest on the market, complying with the latest British safety standards (weighing approximately 750 grams). Therefore, it provides comfort without compromising on safety and you won’t feel strain during your matches or training sessions.

The Masterclass Air 2.0 Titanium Cricket Helmet’s new design provides greater coverage than ever before! So, suppose you’re hit by a ball while wearing this helmet; there will be less damage done to your head (compared to other brands, such as an ordinary or leather one).

It also has extra padding on the inside of this helmet. This ensures your head is cushioned and comfortable throughout the game.

But we can’t forget its advanced airflow system. This feature ensures optimal airflow and keeps you cool during long innings. The helmet has permanently attached air-embossed side plates, an enhanced rear retention system, and offers increased facial and side protection.

Finally, Masterclass Air 2.0 Titanium Cricket Helmet has an improved fixed grille. Its new and improved fixed grille provides increased safety (conforming to the latest ICC/BS2013 safety standards with both 4 3/4 and 5 1/2 Oz balls).

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