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Four Leaf Clover Junior Cricket Bat 22

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The Chase Four Lead Clover (FLC) is one of the best selling bat from Chase Cricket. With a new design for 2020 the FLC features a mid to low sweet spot, offer a massive driving power zone making it perfect for playing down the ground and on low bouncing wickets. Made from quality English Willow all FLC bats come with a rubber toe guard and clear face cover and have a semi-flat face that maximises the edges.



Select our bat knocking in service for just an additional £25 and let us take the hassle away from getting your new bat ready to play. Our service, using our state of the art machine, fully knocks in your bat including the toe and edges, hitting the blade over 10,000 times. This process also includes complimentary oiling and clear face cover if required. Please note our knocking in service can take up to 72 hours to complete


Made in Britain – support British manufacturing

Our top of the range bat for ultimate performance selected from only the top 4% of English Willow.
Ideal for…the player that likes to entertain from the crease. The FLC has a low sweet spot and massive profile, providing maximum momentum from pick-up to shot. Our master bat makers ensure every FLC has the 8 inch middle allowing you to play every shot and hit every ball, to become that master batsman your team needs.

Entertain, with confidence at the crease.

Pro-grip. Multi-textured, high quality latex which prevents movement through the shot
Traditional semi-oval handle for ultimate comfort and control
Grip-grab applied to all bats which secures grip in position, no need for tape
Chrome printed and embossed labels
Massive drive zone excellent for all round stroke play
A mid-low sweet spot maximum momentum from pick-up to shot
An 8 inch performance zone
Semi-flat face profile to maximise edge size
Angled toe prevents feathering caused by tapping down
Rubber toe guard prevents water damage

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