Feed Buddy

Feed Buddy Pro Automatic Cricket Batting Feeder

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The Feed Buddy Pro is the advancement of the original Feed Buddy machine. The Feed Buddy Pro provides cricketers of all abilities and ages with accurate feeds up to 10 metres allowing batsmen to practise alone for hours.

Using either an AC Adaptor or batteries its automatic feed releases a ball every 5 seconds over a distance up to 10 metres with both swing and spin functionality.

Provides accurate feeds over 10 metres allowing you to perfect different shots
Mains powered or battery powered so can be used anywhere
Feeds both swing and off/leg spin deliveries
Appropriate for any age or ability

With its automatic system the Feed Buddy releases a ball every 5 seconds so any age or ability of cricketer can practice alone. Repeat shots or simply groove technique with this revolutionary new machine.

Balls – Feed Buddy (+£20.00)

Option 1 – Add 6 balls – Feed Buddy balls work perfectly with the Feed Buddy Automatic Feed Machine.
Red in colour and similar in shape, size and weight to light bowling machine balls they feel a little bit more realistic than tennis balls.
6 x Feed Buddy Balls in a pack.

Extension Stacker (+£10.00)

· Clips on top of Feed Buddy
· Allows an extra 10 balls to be stacked