Escu Wrist Guard

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The ESCU Wrist Guard (Arm Guard) has been carefully designed, developed and tested by today’s professional cricketers. It provides protection for the most vulnerable part of the forearm without sacrificing performance, comfort or flexibility.

Through its elastic construction, the ESCU Wrist Guard eliminates the need for velcro and straps. The anatomical design allows for movement without restriction, enabling an unimpeded bat swing.



High impact polypropylene shell paired with high density closed cell foam for impact absorption
3D Modelled Shell for contoured fit
Lightweight and slim profile for unrestricted movement
Elastic construction for a contoured fit
Moisture wicking and breathable material – keeps you dry and comfortable
Machine washable
Fits both right and left handed players
Size Guide

Size Junior -14cm
Size Senior Circumference 15cm +

* Please note all measurements shown are an approximate guide only. All ‘action’ photos shown are of the ESCU Senior Wrist Guard.

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