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Elite CF95 Pro Low Bend Hockey Stick

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The second model in the Elite range, the 95% carbon lay-up is placed across a fibreglass micro-skeleton giving more touch and feel than the CK95. The Pro Bend is suited for a wide variety of playing styles, without the aggression of the Ultimate bend. The CF95 also incorporates the X-fibre backhand edge reinforcement.



Pro Bend – The Mercian Pro Bend incorporates a near maximum 23.5mm bow positioned just below the mid-point of the shaft, approximately 250mm from the bottom of the stick. The shaft has then been shaped to give a thinner profile under the right hand and a balance point that favours the head end of the stick. This gives a combination of great stick turn-over due to the shape but enhanced hitting power because of the balance point and sweet spot, the hitting power is also enhanced because the head is 1.5mm thicker than the ultimate bend.

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