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Compotec c70 XBow Hockey Stick Silver Black

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The high end, high performance stick to take your game to take your game to the next level. Superbly balanced for an optimal combination of comfort, weight and power. 70% ultra-high quality Japanese Carbon wrapped at optimised angles to give you perfect feel and ultimate power. Infused with plant-based Bio Resin for superior performance and low environmental impact.
The stick have an 25mm bow for awesome 3D skills, drag flicks and all round performance.
Comes in a choice of two colours; silver/black and fluo green/black.
Material: 70% carbon, 25% Fibreglass, 5% Kevlar
Grip: Dita cushioned grip
Bow Profile: 25mm X-Bow
Head shape: J – shape with textured grip finish
Weight: Light
Silver/Black available in 36.5” & 37.5” lengths

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