AJK Finite Cricket Bat 2018


AJK Finite Cricket Bat 2018

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Select our bat knocking in service for just an additional £20 and let us take the hassle away from getting your new bat ready to play. Our service, using our state of the art machine, fully knocks in your bat including the toe and edges, hitting the blade over 10,000 times. This process also includes complimentary oiling and clear face cover if required. Please note our knocking in service can take up to 72 hours to complete.

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The very best willow available coupled with the finest hand making – the AJK exemplifies our experience and our passion as batmakers. The striking metallic blue bladed design of the labelling conveys the modernity of our most intensive manufacturing, but the shape which is literally pulled around a very thick, low edge, can only be achieved through traditional, instinctive and inspired batmaking. Designed and made for similarly instinctive players, this will take their game to a new level.

– new model for 2018 available in our highest grades only
– flat-flat (contemporary) face profile
– semi-drop shouldered blade
– full backed
– thick, low edges
– deep, long bow
– very large driving area
– unique Salix CRC rounder oval handle
– for versatile, talented players
– new blue bladed labels with white/chrome embossed SALIX
– junior sizes Harrow to Four in Finite
– highest level of English artisan batmaking: individually handmade by Salix
– CNC free: individual in-house pressing and processing from cleft to bat
– Bat Vax toe dipped: especially developed natural, plant based sealer to help prevent water ingress, sealing end grain to protect against cracks
– trademark Salix angled toe and blended edges to minimise tapping and running in damage, in conjunction with the player’s care and maintenance regime

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