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TK Hockey Equipment

TK 2 JR Junior Late Bow Hockey Stick

RRP: £70.00 £59.98

View our range of TK hockey sticks available in store and online from MR Cricket Hockey.

TK is known for its high quality hockey equipment and its sticks are no exception. They offer a range of sticks with different carbon levels from the Total One range at 100% carbon down to their junior range of fibreglass sticks.

As well as carbon content there are a number of different shapes from TK. The Gravitate shape has the most extreme of the lowest bows and is perfect for 3D skills and then each bow gradually gets less extreme with the Accelerate next and then finally the Innovate, which is a standard low bow stick.

Choosing the right carbon content and stick shape is very important to improving your game. We would always advise visiting us in store to test and feel our range of sticks, however, if that is not possible then do not hesitate to contact us on 01638 741611 or email