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Mercian Hockey Equipment

Evolution CKF85 Mid Bend Hockey Stick

RRP: £170.00 £144.98
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Mercian Hockey Equipment

Genesis Pro Bend Hockey Stick 2020

RRP: £90.00 £69.98
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Mercian Hockey Equipment

Genesis 0.1 Hockey Stick 2019

RRP: £70.00 £59.98
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Mercian Hockey Equipment

Genesis 0.3 Pro Bend Hockey Stick Purple Orange

RRP: £40.00 £29.98

Shop our huge range of Mercian Hockey sticks. Mercian is a UK-based company that specialise solely in the hockey equipment market meaning their knowledge and expertise are second to none.

Whilst designs, shapes, and technology change, you can be sure your Mercian stick will never date. We hold a huge range of composite sticks, starting with the Evolution range, which is designed and developed for an accomplished hockey player. Hockey sticks in this range will have a high percentage of carbon, meaning a light feel and incredible striking performance.

After the Evolution range, we enter the Genesis range, which comes in at a lower price point but still fantastic performance. These sticks will be composite with a mix of fibreglass and carbon, often meaning a great mix for players of all ages and abilities, providing a quality stick that also allows you to improve your game.

The profile of your stick is very important and generally speaking those players looking to produce 3D skills will tend to use a low bow stick. Whereas players who like to dribble and keep the ball on the floor will choose a more traditional mid bow hockey stick.

If you need any help choosing your Mercian Hockey stick then please do not hesitate to contact us on 01638 741611 or email View our full range of Mercian Hockey equipment.