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Dita Hockey

Carbo LGHT C50 Junior Hockey Stick

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Shop our range of Dita Hockey Sticks available online and in store from MR Cricket Hockey.

Dita is a Dutch hockey brand and they have been producing quality hockey equipment for many years. Their range of hockey sticks are absolutely fantastic, with brilliant graphics and attention to details. When choosing your Dita Hockey Stick it’s important to get the best one that will benefit your game. Dita offers a wide range of different options firstly based on the carbon content.

Their CompoTec and CarboTec sticks tend to be top-end sticks with four bow profiles and varying carbon composition from 55% to 70%. The next decision and most important is what bow shape to go for. The lower the bow (where the bend of the stick is) will benefit those players looking to produce modern 3D skills. The higher or mid bow sticks will benefit the more traditional player who likes to keep the ball on the ground and dribble.

When choosing your Dita Hockey Stick we always recommend visiting us in store to try some out. However, if that is not possible then please contact us on 01638 741611 or email