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Dita Hockey

CarboTec Pro C100 XBow Hockey Stick

RRP: £320.00 £264.98
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Dita Hockey

CarboTec C85 LowBow Hockey Stick

RRP: £240.00 £194.98
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Dita Hockey

Carbo LGHT C70 Junior Hockey Stick

RRP: £170.00 £139.98
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Dita Hockey

Carbo LGHT C50 Junior Hockey Stick

RRP: £130.00 £99.98
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Dita Hockey

CompoTec Mid Bow Junior Hockey Stick Black Blue

RRP: £60.00 £49.98

Welcome to MR Cricket Hockey and our huge range of quality composite hockey sticks. We stock a huge range of sticks from the world’s leading manufacturers including Adidas, Grays, Dita, Kookaburra, Mercian, and Osaka.

All our sticks are made up of a mixture of fibreglass and carbon with stunning graphics to really show off on the hockey field.

Choosing the right stick can be difficult but we are on hand to help. The percentage of carbon often dictates the price of stick with percentages ranging from 0 up to 100% Carbon. The higher the carbon the more power you can expect from the stick but this will make the hockey stick potentially stiffer and harder for ball control. If you are someone looking for power then choose a higher percentage or if your game is more dribbling and skill-based then a lower or middle range percentage may suit you better.

The other decision is the bow type. Most sticks now have a low bow which assists the ability to drag flick and lift the ball. If this really is not your game then choose a low or mid bow stick but if you really love the hockey skills and drag flicking the ball then a low or even extreme low bow would be the ideal stick for you.

If you still need some advice then contact us on 01638 741611 or All our sticks come with free delivery on orders over £50.