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IDO MK1 Hockey Shoes French Navy

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Osaka Hockey

KAI MK1 Hockey Shoes Black/Holographic

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Osaka Hockey

KAI Hockey Shoes French Navy / Honey Yellow

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Search our range of hockey astro shoes available in store and online at MR Cricket Hockey. It is extremely important when playing hockey on astroturf that you have the correct footwear. Often standard sports trainers will not offer the right amount of depth of tread meaning your ability to move quickly and being agile on the surface will be restricted.

Astro hockey shoes have been designed over the years with testing from players of all abilities to ensure the tread on the shoes can withstand the aggressive friction that comes with playing on the astroturf. In addition to the tread, many hockey shoes will offer waterproof coating on the top to help reduce water getting into the shoe whilst maintaining the lightness of a standard sports trainer.

Here at MR Cricket Hockey, we stock a wide range of hockey astro shoes. We sell men’s and women’s hockey shoes, from junior to senior sizes starting from under £30. We always recommend visiting us in store to try on for size but if that’s not possible or you would like more help then give us a call on 01638 741611 or email