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TK 1 Hockey Shin Guard

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Deluxe Safety Shinpad

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3.1 Hockey Shinpad Shinliner

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Hockey Inner Sock Shinliner

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Having the right protective gear as a hockey player is extremely important. There are many accidents, injuries, and damage that could happen as the result of a hockey-related injury during a game or even during training. To avoid potentially dangerous injuries to the legs as a result of a hit to the shins or a fall, having the right hockey shinpads is key. At MR Cricket Hockey, we believe young and old hockey players alike should have adequate protective gear to help them focus on the game and not the potential for an injury. 

This need for leg protection during hockey games is why MR Cricket Hockey offers an extensive range of hockey shinpads made from high-quality durable materials. We offer hockey shinpads from top-notch brands like Dita Hockey, Adidas, Grays Hockey, Kookaburra Hockey, and other brands. Our hockey shinpads, shinpad liners, and shinguards are designed to fit most players from children to adults. Having the right fit is key to protecting one’s legs during a hockey game, and we’re proud to offer a wide range of sizes. All of our hockey shinguards are resistant to impact and boast anti-scratch coatings. If you happen to not be satisfied with any of our hockey shinpads and shinpad liners, MR Cricket Hockey offers a 100% money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with your shinpad purchase.