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Chase Cricket

R4 Cricket Batting Pads

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N Series Junior Cricket Batting Pads

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303 Ambidextrous Cricket Batting Pads

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New Balance

DC580 Cricket Batting Pads

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Gray Nicolls

GN Power Cricket Batting Pads

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Kahuna 5.1 Cricket Batting Pads

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Cricket, in many ways, can feel like going to war. You are facing down the barrel of a red leather shell coming at you at 100 miles per hour, so it is vital you have the protection to ensure that you are ready to step up to the crease and fight off whatever comes your way. Our cricket batting pads are ready to give you the frontline protection you need. 

Cricket pads are an essential component of any batsman. When you are in a standoff against the bowler, pads from the leading brands give you long-lasting protection. From Adidas to Kookaburra, and everything in between, we can match your expectations. From lightweight pads to heavy-duty batting pads with poly armour, we have your back (and front) when you are facing the rigours of a fast bowler. 

Long-lasting, durable, and offers you protection where it counts, your knee should always be protected by the strongest part of the pad, and our cricket batting pads providing additional comfort when you are in the heat of battle against the bowler. 

You shouldn’t have to worry about flimsy equipment when in this high-pressure situation, and our cricket batting pads meet your specific needs, providing one of the most important pieces of protection during the game. 

At MR Cricket Hockey, we can help you choose the right quality cricket batting pads to give you peace of mind and Frontline protection on your front side. If you do not know about the best protection for your needs, get in contact with one of our consultants today, and we can give you a crash course in cricket batting pads so you are ready to go to bat (and to battle).