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Chase Cricket

Four Leaf Clover Junior Cricket Bat

RRP: £210.00 £174.98
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Chase Cricket

R11 Volante Junior Cricket Bat

RRP: £150.00 £124.98
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Chase Cricket

R11 Finback Junior Cricket Bat

RRP: £145.00 £124.98
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Kookaburra Cricket

Kahuna 7.1 Junior Cricket Bat 2022

RRP: £70.00 £59.98
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Gray Nicolls

Classic Academy Junior Cricket Bat

RRP: £65.00 £49.98

View our range of size 1 cricket bats available online and in store from MR Cricket Hockey. Size 1 bats would usually suit children aged 6 years and older at a height on 4′ and 4’3″ but here is a cricket bat size guide to help.

Usually this would be your first cricket bat and selecting one is very exciting for all the family. We would normal recommend coming into store to full the range and get some expert advice but if that is not possible here are some handy tips.

The vast majority of our bats are made from English Willow and start from about £50. You may find cheaper alternatives but these are likely to be constructed from Kashmir Willow.

English Willow is the best performing material against a hard leather cricket ball and will give the best ping. It will also a lighter willow meaning a better and lighter pick up for the batsman.

Most bats at this size will not vary much in weight but always try to ensure you do not get a bat that is too heavy at this early stage. A heavy bat will mean using your bottom hand more, playing across the line and possibly hitting the ball in the air.

If you need any help or guidance in picking your bat then please do not hesitate to contact us on 01638 741611 or email