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Chase Cricket

Platinum Limited Edition Senior Cricket Bat

RRP: £630.00 £524.98

If there is one piece of equipment that you really can’t do without in cricket, that’s a cricket bat. If you were born with a passion for cricket, you know that you can even use wooden planks to enjoy a match by the seaside with your friends. However, when you are on a professional pitch, things are different. 

When it comes down to selecting the best cricket bat, you can’t overlook the benefits that a Chase Cricket Bat can offer you. Since 1996, Chase has been producing some of the UK’s finest handmade cricket bats, which have become the field standard for British and international teams alike. 

At MR Cricket Hockey, we believe that preparedness and training can make or break a team, but the bats used can also make a difference! That is why we offer a wide range of Chase Cricket Bats and Chase Pro Cricket Bats, suitable for both junior and senior players. Each piece is handmade in Hampshire and created from English willow by some of the finest craftsmen in the country. 

Alongside Chase bats, you will be able to find a wide range of equipment pieces, including Chase gloves and Chase bags.

Here at MR Cricket Hockey, we understand that every player has unique requirements that need to be met for the best performances. So, we have put our best consultants at your disposal to help you find the best bat for your needs – get in touch today!