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Gray Nicolls

Team 350 Duffle Cricket Bag

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Gray Nicolls

Team 350 Wheelie Cricket Bag

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Gray Nicolls

Team 150 Wheelie Cricket Bag

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Gray Nicolls

Team 150 Duffle Cricket Bag

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Gray Nicolls

Cricket Training Ball Bag

RRP: £17.50 £14.98

The Legend Duffle cricket bag is a popular choice, offering storage for up to three cricket bats in a specially designed pocket. It also allows you to split your kit into categories – perfect when you’re in a rush.

Gray Nicolls is a well-established brand in the cricket world. The East Sussex-based company traces its roots back to 1855 when H.J. Gray and Sons began manufacturing cricket bats for leading Cambridge University cricketers at the time. Gray Nicolls is the result of H.J. Gray and Sons and L.J. Nicholls merging as one company in the 1940s. The latter was also a cricket bat manufacturer, although they launched around two decades after H.J. Gray and Sons.

Today, Gray Nicolls is a world-famous cricket brand that not only manufactures cricket bats but a range of cricket accessories, including the popular Gray Nicolls cricket bags featured on this page.

Each of the Gray Nicolls cricket bags offered by MR Cricket Hockey boasts stylish designs, eye-catching colours, and superior construction, not to mention an array of features.

Did you know you can make your Gray Nicolls cricket bags unique with our personalisation service? MR Cricket Hockey can have your name or initials printed on your Gray Nicolls cricket bag for a small additional fee. Contact us to find out more.