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Ash Test Match Cricket Stumps

RRP: £110.00 £69.98
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Spring Back Cricket Stumps

RRP: £57.00 £39.98
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County Cricket Stumps

RRP: £80.00 £34.98
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Multi Surface Rubber Base Plastic Stumps set

RRP: £40.00 £29.98
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Zings Flashing Cricket Bails including Batteries

RRP: £25.00 £22.50
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Cricket Off Stump Foam Bowling Target

RRP: £20.00 £19.98
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Target Cricket Stump Full Size

RRP: £13.00 £11.98
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Half Sized Cricket Target Cricket Stump

RRP: £11.00 £9.98
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Cricket Stump Marking Gauge

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Heavy Cricket Bails

RRP: £7.00 £5.98
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Cricket Bails

RRP: £6.00 £5.48

Here at MR Cricket Hockey we are delighted to offer you a huge range of cricket stumps and bails available in store and online. We sell sets of cricket stumps which include 4 bails and 6 stumps. All stumps are made from wood with our standard stumps made of a hardwood and our test match quality stumps made from Ash.

Cricket stumps do have specific dimensions dictated by the laws of cricket MCC. For Adult cricket each stump is 28″ tall with a maximum and minimum diameter. Each stump will have a u-shaped cut out at the top where the bails sit.

In addition to match stumps we sell many different types of training and play stumps including the popular spring back cricket stumps which when struck will stay in place. These are perfect for net practice and sitting on firm ground including concrete.